Tercennium Tecnica starts its own business as importer to Spain of the boats Nuova Jolly, one of the most important ship-building yards as concerns pneumatic boats.

As a consequence, Tercennium Tecnica devotes itself to the exclusive delivery of italian Mar-Co ribs, highly-finished boats that can also be adapted to the particular taste or requirements of their buyers.

Since 2005, Tercennium Tecnica still concerned with the delivery of Mar-Co boats, has been engaged in the building of RIB and traditional pneumatic boats, scarcely existing in Spain with the use of neoprene-hypalon of the Orca Pennel brand.



This is how the “TERCENNIUM MARINE ” boat was born.

Those boats are entirely hand-made, according to the specificities and traditions of the Italian boats: high quality of the building materials, comfort, design and safety are acknowledged in every model, as a result of years of experience and study, and have to be approved by customers always more concerned with both technical and aesthetic qualities of the product. Moreover these boats are built in keeping with the particular wishes of the future owner, from the color of the material, of  the hull, the deck, to the various settings (fuel, electricity, water) and all the accessories needed (GPS, radio, antenna, stereo …) and  of course the engine.

From 2009 on, after years of research and improving the building of its boats, Tercennium Tecnica is now having close contacts with the owners of very large boats and co-operating with yacht-builders who always need dinghies whose aesthetic requirements, size or weight have to suit garages or elevators.

The whole range of Tercennium Marine boats quite meets all those needs; the models whose length goes from 2, 70 mt and 5,40 mt are more often used in that particular case: colors of the hull, of the desk and the tubes similar to those of the yacht they belong to, use of teck and accessories inox 316, of sophisticated material like carbon or Kevlar, are quite familiar in recent Tercennium Marine boats. One or two examples: the TT430 Carbon, which only weighs 98 kg. or the new TT 470 JET whose engine bears a Weber hydrojet propeller with 145 HP Turbo; without forgetting to mention the small TT300 or TT330 dinghies "tender to .............".

........and the best is to come…...